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Research & Development

Research & Development

In the contemporary era, research & development considered one of the most important aspects of the dyeing industry. This is because it is the first step towards the facilitation of processing of fabrics. Keeping in view Al-Abbas Fabrics s equipped its lab with most state-of-the-art equipments;Randdevelopment

- Data Color Dispenser

- Ahiba Nuance (Data color lab dyeing machine)

- Daelim Starlet dyeing machine

- Fongs and Roashes dyeing machines

- Mettler Toledo pH and conductivity meter

- Spectro-photo meter SF600 CT+ (Data-color)

In this era when shorter lead time consider a very important tool for marketing, through Data-color Spectro photo meter. Al-Abbas Fabrics can send electronic lab dips to the buyer in Europe, USA or any where in the world and get response in a single day.ResearchandDevelopment