Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Control

From the customer’s point of view the confidence in the quality of product is achieved through quality assurance. Al-Abbas assures the quality of the product from start to finish by using standard operation procedure at all aspects of process. Series of inspection and testing of the product is achieved from the very initial stage to final by using AATCC and ISO inspection and testing methods or as per buyer advice.QualityAssurance

- Shade checking Computer System (Data-color)

- Crock Meter (Atlas)

- Xenon ARC Lamp (Atlas for Light fastness)

- Laundr-O-Meter (Atlas)

- Tumble Dryers (Kenmore)

- Washing Machines (Kenmore)

- GSM Fabric Cutter (Atlas)

- Yarn Count Meter

- Stitch Length Meter & Star Fish SoftwareQuality Assurance 02

- Relaxing Stand

- Electronic Weighing balances