About us

About us

Al Abbas Fabrics

Al–Abbas Fabrics being able to handle with excellence the various technicalities of knit fabrics manufacturing that covers about 70% of Made-up garment.
Today AAFPL is one of the leading Knit Fabric Exporters from Pakistan and most prominent name in Knit Fabric Dyeing Industry and is recognized in domestic and international market for delivering Quality, Consistency and Reliability with Total Customer Satisfaction.

We stand firm to work our goal to develop a Win – Win Life Long Relationship with our customers though Quality and High Levels of Efficiency.

To achieve our set goal we have carefully planned our production, management and administrative facility to work in a set direction in accomplishing our perspective now and maintaining a quality and efficiency system that takes us a step further than others in business.

Our Business Approach

For the present times we have invested into Juki, Pegasus Machines and Specialized machinery by Kansai efficiently lined on production floor of about 20000 sq feet. All machines are mobile, able to be lined up for all different types of styles. These machines are equipped with automatic trimmers and high-speed servomotors to enable a constant and good stitch quality.

We have ensured and designed an error/bottleneck free production flow layout. It is in a tidy manner, raw, semi finished and finished products are identified clearlyWe have implemented a strict quality assurance system covering the entire scope of jobs carried out in the process of making a garment. An independent Quality department ensures the desired quality at all stages from incoming fabric to the completion of packing. An in-house quality assurance manual and inspection plan booklet has been compiled and is towards completion. The standards marked in the above are detailed with stricter requirement than that of most buyers.