State of the Art Equipments



Dying Equipment

Al-Abbas Fabrics has a comprehensive dyeing machine package that provides a complete solution to today’s modern dye house with the latest know-how and cutting edge technology

Our Range of Dyeing Machines includes:

Sclavos Soft Flows (Venus) 
Sclavos HT Machines – KG/Batch 
Fong’s HT (4000KG/Batch) 
Fong’s Atmospheric Softflow 
Fong’s High Temperature 
Gaston County Jets
Sample Machines 

All of the machines incorporate the modern technological development and top quality that are unique, versatile and highly productive.

Finishing Equipment

Al-Abbas possesses state-of-the-art and the most technologically advanced finishing machines. We have all the finishing facilities to meet the requirements of end users in terms of quality, versatility and productivity.
Al-Abbas Fabrics possesses state-of-the-art and most advance Tubular as well as Open- with finishing range. We have the finishing facility to meet the requirements of the end users in terms of quality, versatility and productivity that are the necessary characteristics in an industry that keeps demanding at the best at the any given time.
Our range of finishing machines includes:

Santa-Stretch (Santex double padder with chemical application)
Tube Tex Compactor (Tubular) – Model 2010
Tube Tex Open Width Compactor – 2010(4000KG/Batch) 
Bruckner Stenter (6 Chamber)

Heliot Hydro
Lamperti Sueding Machine
Santa-Shrink (Santex Dryer)
Other High Quality Machines